Designer / Developer

Craftsman / Minimalist

I like good things and I like them to work well.

I design and build websites for people who appreciate the simple things. I simplify to the point where all that’s left is an effective and clear message. If nothing moves, then nothing breaks.

Responsive Websites

I make websites look good on any device.

A responsive website is fluid and responds to all devices, regardless of screen size. I design clean, functional, device agnostic websites that deliver a fluid experience regardless of desktop, tablet, or smart phone.

Custom WordPress

I build custom WordPress websites from scratch.

I start with a completely blank canvas and only add the necessary functionality needed for each project.  This allows for a performance optimized website that is easy to scale and customize, and offers an elegant, powerful and easy to use content management system.

Contract / Freelance

I’m currently available for contract + freelance work.

I’m always looking for exciting new projects to work on. If you’re a designer or developer looking to collaborate, a startup or a business owner looking for someone to manage your online awesomeness, book a meeting here or call me!!